book is 96 black-and-white pages, featuring  13 stories by well-known comics creators like Michael T. Gilbert, Bill Fugate, Eliot R. Brown, Grass Green, Fred Hembeck and others.

To order, send a check or money order  for $10 (this includes postage!) along with your name and address to :


POB 585 Readfield ME 04355.



If you want to create a Diner story, contact us



The rules are simple: Your story can be any subject in any style within a PG rating. You must include the Diner in at least one scene, even if it's just in the background. You must include Genie X or Sam as  hosts, characters, supporting characters or walk-ons. Stories can be any length, but we prefer 6 pages.


We prefer creators who have professional-level skills or published work. We own the Diner and its characters, the creator retains rights to the story. IF we print  your story in another book, we will pay a small fee.